File picture: It takes more than a hashtag to put an end to violence against women and children.

Cape Town - As we have seen with the #MeToo and #DontLookAway movements, hashtivism on social media has empowered women and raised awareness about important issues that was, in the past, spoken about only in hushed voices.

However, it takes more than a hashtag to put an end to violence against women and children.
“Hundreds of admirable campaigns denouncing women abuse have been launched.  And yet, in South Africa, women abuse remains rife. A more cohesive step must to be taken to create meaningful change and instead of dissipating efforts, South Africans need to come together as one,” says CEO 1st for Women Insurance, Robyn Farrell. 

In the fight against women abuse, 1st for Women Insurance developed For Women. This website allows South Africans citizens and corporate South Africa who are keen to take a stand against women abuse, to connect with organisations who need their help.

It also features organisations who have vowed to put an end to women abuse, so that survivors of abuse can find the right help - and quickly.
The site has been structured to address women abuse through prevention, preparation and provision. 

Organisations that work to address the causes of abuse, organisations that give women the tools to fight back or empower themselves and organisations that support and assist survivors are all featured on the site.

"We are bringing South Africa’s collective power together and using it in an impactful and meaningful way. There is strength in numbers and we can achieve so much more if we unite as one powerful force, through For Women, in the war against women abuse," says Farrell.
“This year marks the 19th anniversary of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign in South Africa. The theme, Count Me In: Together Moving a Non-Violent South Africa Forward, is on-going and contributes to the message of social cohesion and nation-building through its call on all South Africans to actively advocate for and reject violence against women and children," said Minister of Women, Susan Shabangu.

To find out more about For Women and the organisations which are involved or to register your organisation, please visit