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Saturday, August 20, 2022

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WATCH: Baby Trade Episode 7 - Fertile Ground, mystery Doctor revealed

Published Mar 24, 2022


Gosiame Sithole Names the Doctors whom she says, delivered the Tembisa 10.

Watch this Episode 7: Fertile Ground to hear the full story.

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There is no doubt that:

•Maria Modiehi Sithole, also known as Gosiame, was pregnant with multiple babies

•Steve Biko Academic Hospital lied when it said Mrs Sithole had never been a patient

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•SAPS held Mrs Sithole under false pretences

•SAPS unlawfully handed Mrs Sithole over to the Department of Social Development (DSD)

•Gosiame was incarcerated in a mental institution under false pretences

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•Gosiame Sithole was never given a physical examination at Tembisa Hospital nor at Weskoppies, so they did not see for themselves that she had indeed been pregnant

•Tembisa Hospital and Weskoppies broke several rules in holding her

•The Department of Social Development acted outside of their remit

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•Mokgethwa Makate, has over-stepped her mandate as a social worker

•Mrs Sithole’s twins were taken under false circumstances

•There is no place of safety… for her…

The 7th instalment of Independent Media’s docuseries, Baby Trade, is set to cause ricochets amongst several Government departments and the medical profession, as Gosiame Sithole, mother of the Tembisa 10, names the doctors she says delivered her decuplets.

Entitled, Fertile Ground, Episode 7 finally answers some of the questions, the South African public have clamoured for.

Following several leads over several months, multiple sources have led Independent Media to obstetrician and gynaecologist - Dr Kazeem Okanlomo, whom Sithole confirms as being her “main doctor,” and who was at Steve Biko Academic Hospital to deliver her babies.

Part of the investigation that has led us to this point, involved private investigators, working independently of each other, Independent Media’s investigative unit of journalists and highly placed sources with intimate knowledge on the matter.

‘Fertile Ground’ also continues unpacking Sithole, and her partner, Teboho Tsotetsi’s trials and tribulations in locating their missing decuplets.

Many still question the veracity of the decuplets. However, over six episodes, Independent Media has presented much food for thought, not least of all the increasing likelihood that several members of the Department of Health, Social Development, and the medical profession, as well as SAPS, have deliberately mistreated Mrs Sithole and have also misled the South African public.

As always, the enduring question is – why? Why this specific woman with this specific story? Why did a social worker from the Department of Social Development remove Gosiame’s twins without permission? Why did this same social worker have Gosiame committed to Ward 14, without the right paperwork from where she was subsequently incarcerated – involuntarily – for nearly three months? Why did Makate suddenly turn up at Sipho Mzolo’s house, father of Gosiame’s missing triplets and for what reason would she question this man?

Speaking about Episode 7, Viasen Soobramoney, editorial director of the docuseries said: “We know these last episodes have been a long time coming, with a break in between for the festive season. However, our team has had to comb through mountains of testimony, interviews and corroborate claims, as well as waiting on answers to come from the questions we have posed. In some instances, we are still waiting for those replies.

“We know the South African public are eager to know about the babies, where they are, and what happened to them. However, we need to do justice to the entire story, as through our process, we have received evidence from members of the public across the country, of human trafficking cases involving babies and young children. The stories they have shared with us make serious allegations against certain government departments and officials.

Throughout the series, we have also repeatedly heard the phrase, “place of safety,” and which has been liberally used. But what is a place of safety, because surely, Gosiame Sithole’s safe place is not secure?

Stay tuned for Episode 8, in which we stitch it all together and expose that human trafficking is real, is taking place in South Africa and there is no more turning a blind eye to this scourge.

Baby Trade…Tracking the Truth…Because the Truth Should Never be Trafficked.

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