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What started as a simple bicycle riding lesson has now unintentionally turned into an online sensation with South Africa and its neighbours enjoying a new catchphrase: “My f** Marelize”.

It was this week repeated and interpreted by scores of people, after watching the video of a mother recording her daughter learning to ride a bicycle.

The Afrikaans profanity was the candid reaction of the teenager’s mother when the youngster crashed the bicycle into rugby poles.

The footage, which spread like wildfire since it emerged on social media platforms, and has since been uploaded to YouTube, garnered thousands of views this week.

Social media users enjoyed the reaction so much that some have even said they were considering using the expression as their new ringtone and message alert for their cellphones.

Others have coined the term in an effort to comically expression frustration, irritation, disbelief, amazement or amusement.

The phrase was born when Marelize Horn from Namibia, was learning to ride her bicycle on what appears to be the rugby field at Affies Park in Windhoek.

In the video, a gust of wind can be heard as the 19-year-old is seen slowly peddling the bicycle around the field.

But, as she nears the yellow rugby posts, she fails to stop in time and instead, crashes into the structure.

As she falls to the ground, her mother, who was recording the bicycle riding lesson, exclaims in Afrikaans, “my f** Marelize”, as she begins to walk towards the teenager.

Although this was the first time that thousands of people witnessed the teen’s clumsiness, this is apparently part of her nature and the teenager has even described herself as a “‘* ongeluksvoë* ” (accident prone) who falls down almost every day.

“My mom Heidi says: ‘my f**, Marelize’ to me almost every day, Marelize told News24 on Friday.

“I fall off things, walk into things - its insane how clumsy I am.

“My mom made a video of me riding so that we could watch it afterwards to pick up on any mistakes that I made.”

She told News24 she was learning to ride the bicycle as she planned on moving to the Netherlands later this year to work as an au pair.

Marelize is amazed at the attention that her bicycle riding incident has since received and said there were already T-shirts with the phrase available.

The video and the now infamous expression with its own hashtag, #myfokmarelize has caused comic relief to those who watched it.

This includes Twitter user @cltkidlit who wrote: “#myfokmarelize made my day on Wednesday when a friend shared it on whatsapp.

“A good laugh at Heidi’s reaction and the accident completely resonated with my week’s lessons! Light-relief.

“Good luck and go well in Holland Marelize.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @ShamiDaya plans to make the expression her own when she posted on Twitter, “my new catchphrase is going to be ‘my f*k, Marelize’ every time I see someone doing something stupid”.

@Choplette echoed the sentiments when she wrote on Twitter, “I’ve watched this video a hundred times. Been muttering ‘my f*k, Marelize’ as I go about my daily tasks. Also, I’m re-learning how to ride a bike after a 25-year hiatus, so I identify”.

@Calico_Cream humorously suggested that Marelize was responsible for yesterday’s (Friday) tremor when she posted, “I felt the tremor this morning - I mean, Marelize! #MyF*k”.

Others questioned why Marelize was not wearing a helmet while others praised her mother’s reaction for giving birth to the acclaimed catchphrase “my f** Marelize”.

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