Twitter clip of a Dove advert that is creating a social media storm Picture: Twitter
Cape Town - A spokesperson for Dove has apologised for a Facebook post aimed at its American consumers which has caused an outcry among South African social media users.

The advertisement, supposedly aimed at "representing the beauty of diversity", resulted in local consumers threatening to boycott the popular brand for its alleged racism.

In a sequence of images, a black woman is seen taking off a brown T-shirt, with a white woman being revealed in the last image.

“A 3-second video clip was recently posted to the Dove Facebook page in America. The clip featured three women of different ethnicities, each removing a t-shirt to reveal the next woman. What we intended to convey is that Dove body wash is for every woman, but we got it very wrong," the company said in a statement.

"We are truly sorry for the offence that it has caused. We absolutely do not condone any activity or imagery that insults anyone. Dove’s mission is to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. That means showing love and respect for our diversity – our many shapes, sizes, hair textures and skin tones. We believe beauty is diverse and diversity is beautiful.

"While we hope this helps to explain what happened, we know it does not make up for the offence caused. This should not have happened and we are re-evaluating our internal processes for creating and approving content to prevent us making this type of mistake in future.”