SCENE: Man sodomised in Manenberg
SCENE: Man sodomised in Manenberg

Alleged gangster, accused of rape, turns himself in after reading of attack in the paper

By Monique Duval/Daily Voice Time of article published Sep 13, 2019

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Cape Town - A Manenberg man accused of robbing and sodomising a man in a public park has handed himself over to police after reading about the sick attack in the Daily Voice newspaper

Cops got a surprise on Wednesday morning when the 22-year-old gangster walked into the Community Service Centre (CSC) shortly before 8am to turn himself in.

The man, known as “Biggy”, is an alleged member of the Fancy Boys gang and according to his victim, also aged 22, he tried to mug him but when he realised there were no valuables to take, he opted to rape him.

On Tuesday, the traumatised victim opened up to the Daily Voice about his ordeal after keeping the secret from his family for a week.

He said on Sunday, 1 September, at about 3am, he was walking home from a party when Biggy cornered him in a park in Gamka Street and held him at gunpoint to pat him down.


The victim says the gangster was carrying a “big gun” and after finding no valuables on him, he forced him into a corner.

“He told me to go to the corner and made me pull my pants down and then he did it,” the teary-eyed victim explained.

The man went home in pain and says he kept quiet as he was embarrassed about the ordeal.

His 43-year-old uncle says he noticed a change in his nephew’s behaviour and after hearing what had happened, the family reported the matter to police.

According to a source, cops were stunned when Biggy walked into the station on Wednesday morning.

The source says: “Everyone was shocked when he just walked into the CSC and told the officer he is handing himself over. He said he read in the [Daily] Voice that the police are looking for him.

“He denied raping the man, but could say where the victim lives.

“Now, if he didn’t rape anyone, how does he know who the victim is? That wasn’t in the paper.”

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, confirms the man handed himself over and was arrested and will appear in court once charged.


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