File picture: Independent Media
Cape Town - “He got what he deserved.”

That’s what residents of Bloekombos in Kraaifontein are saying after the body of a well-known gangster was found stripped and mutilated on a sports field.

A runner stumbled upon the body, lying a few metres from the rugby poles on Sunday morning.

Community members gasped in horror at the sight of the murdered robber.

The victim, who is believed to be in his early 20s, was found with his eyes open, his pants down and multiple stab wounds to his chest.

His pants pockets were turned out and his blue peak cap lay nearby.

The sports ground is said to be a hot spot for robberies in the area.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirmed the incident and says a case of murder has been opened for investigation.

“A murder case was registered and the suspect(s) are yet to be arrested,” Van Wyk said.

Residents say the victim “got what he deserved” as he regularly robbed people of the area.

A community member, who did not want to be named for fear of being targeted, says the victim would collect and sell scrap.

“We become targets when we mention names in this area of ours,” said the resident.

“That man always robbed other people and today he died the way he lived, robbing people, and he got the same back.

“He is well-known in the area and he always sold scrap, that’s if he could not rob people.”

Although the identity of the deceased has yet to be confirmed, the resident said he would point out to police where he lived.

“We are willing to help police, but all we can say is that that thief [the victim] lives in the red road in Bloekombos and he regularly hung out at Julia’s Tavern,” says the concerned resident.

“The sport field here is a concern; it is a red zone and hot spot for robberies.

“Skelms (thieves) rob the people who take a short cut through the field to get to the main road.”