Corrine Jackson has been accused of murdering her girlfriend in an apparent satanic ritual. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - A woman accused of murdering her lesbian lover during an apparent satanic ritual previously had to be choked by the victim’s brother “to calm her down”.

This was heard in the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, where murder accused Corrine Jackson, 20, continued her bail application.

Jackson of New Woodlands, is facing a charge of assault and murder of her girlfriend, Nadine Esterhuizen, 18, of Portland.

Prosecutors are set to prove that on 27 September, Jackson attempted to cut Nadine’s head off and stabbed her seven times with a black knife at a residence in Colorado Park.

Nadine Esterhuizen was found lying dead in a pool of blood at her sister’s home.

A cup filled with blood and “sorry” written in hair was found at the crime scene.

Jackson, who suffers from anger issues, was found in a locked toilet at the house Nadine’s sister was renting at the time.

Last week Jackson claimed she had acted in self- defence, and only remembered stabbing Nadine once in the neck.

She admitted to be a Japanese animation fanatic and owned a replica Samurai sword.

Yesterday, again dressed in black, Jackson confirmed that she had contravened a protection order when she visited Nadine in Colorado Park on more than one occasion in September.

Prosecutor Darren Johnson said Jackson’s mother had called Nadine’s mother one night saying she was afraid her daughter would harm Nadine.

“The mother of the accused called the mother of the deceased and said ‘please fetch your daughter’, that you will harm [Nadine],” Johnson said, addressing Jackson.

Jackson said she recalled a night in June when she, Nadine and Nadine’s brother were at Club Fever and she became violent.

“We had an argument and I was in another mental state,” she calmly told the court.

“It would have ended in us fighting, but her brother had to choke me to calm me. I got so emotional, I just remember being in a room after that and crying.”

It was also revealed that Jackson cuts herself when she is depressed.

Meanwhile a witness came forward to say Jackson visited Nadine in Colorado Park in August and beat her up. The witness, who lived in the same street, had approached her after the attack to ask her why she did it.

Jackson had allegedly smacked Nadine and pulled her hair when she tried to walk away from her.

Johnson added Jackson was not a suitable candidate for bail as she did not respect and adhere to court rulings.

The case was postponed to 16 November.