Nadine Esterhuizen was found lying dead in a pool of blood at her sister’s home.

Cape Town - The young woman accused of murdering her female friend during an apparent Satanic ritual has been declared mentally and physically fit to stand trial.

Corrine Jackson, 20, made a brief appearance at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, wearing a plaster on her neck.

Jackson, of Woodlands, is accused of murdering Nadine Esterhuizen, 20, of Portland.

Nadine was a matriculant at Athlone High School.

Detectives took Jackson to a District Surgeon at Heideveld Hospital where they examined her mental and physical status after she apparently stabbed herself.

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Magistrate Walter Golding said there were claims that Jackson was mentally unstable.

However, a report from the District Surgeon revealed she was sane and fit to stand trial.

The case was postponed to 1 November for a formal bail application.

Jackson is being held at the hospital section of Pollsmoor Prison.

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Prosecutors are set to prove that on 27 September, while Nadine was staying at her sister’s home in Keeno Street, Colorado, Jackson allegedly stabbed her to death.

Nadine’s sister, who asked not to be identified, said her fiance found Nadine in a pool of blood in their kitchen and that her hair had been cut.

The family has denied rumours that Nadine and Jackson were lesbian lovers.

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