Alleged sex slave rescued from Cape Town house

A 26-year-old alleged sex slave was rescued from a Brooklyn house by Law Enforcement officials. Picture: Supplied

A 26-year-old alleged sex slave was rescued from a Brooklyn house by Law Enforcement officials. Picture: Supplied

Published May 14, 2018


Cape Town - Law Enforcement officials say they’ve rescued a sex slave from a home in Brooklyn.

Law Enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, says shortly after 6 pm on Friday, City of Cape Town’s Vice Squad inspected the property in Frank Robb Street where they found seven women inside.

“They noticed that one of the girls was very uncomfortable and took her aside. She started to cry. Officers immediately offered her assistance and with her consent, removed her from the property,” says Dyason.


He says the 26-year-old victim is originally from Johannesburg and came to Cape Town after meeting a woman who promised her a job in a restaurant in the city.

“The unknown female paid for her bus ticket and took her to a house in Brooklyn where she was forced to do prostitution and to use drugs.”

Dyason says the woman was taken to a safe house and the Hawks were contacted.

Clients will have sex with the prostitutes on this open field in full view of residents. Picture: Supplied


“They will do further investigations into this classic case of human trafficking,” he says.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn residents say they are not surprised by the case.

Neighbours living in Frank Robb Street say the road is frequently used by prostitutes and their clients who conduct their business in parked vehicles.

“They come here at night and some of the girls live in the road. On weekends they go to Koeberg Road, pick up clients and come park here and do their business. Then they just throw their used condoms all over, it’s sickening,” says a 60-year-old man, who asked not to be named.

“It’s not even surprising to see what happened at that house because all the girls are from other provinces or foreign nationals who get lured here.”

Used condoms are seen on the Brooklyn field. Picture: Supplied


The grandfather says last week he got a fright when his wife called him to witness a prostitute and her client having sex outside the vehicle.

“It was 6.30 am last Saturday. The car came here on the field and parked and my wife saw the woman get out. The man got out and we thought they were arguing but then we saw she went to go lie on the bonnet and pulled down her panty,” he says.

“The man came from behind and started humping and they were just pomping here doggy style in broad daylight.

“I shouted at them and they stopped and got in the car and drove away. We are so sick of this. The dirty condoms are causing a health hazard. Some people are even selling their homes.”

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