Colin Booysen with his lawyer. Picture: Noor Slamdien/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Two alleged underworld kingpins are fearing for their lives following a ‘botched hit’ on another alleged gang boss earlier this week, because the alleged assassin had been in the courtroom listening in on their case.

Colin Booysen, 50, the brother of alleged Sexy Boys gang leader Jerome ‘Donkie’ Booysen, who was shot on Wednesday afternoon, said his brother’s shooter was in court last week.

Booysen, along with alleged kingpin Nafiz Modack and three others appeared in the Cape Town Regional Court on Thursday on charges of money laundering and extortion.

Jerome Booysen was shot and injured at the Soneike Mall in Kuils River. He returned fire and shot and killed the shooter, said his lawyer, Bruce Hendricks.

“The person who was shot dead at the Soneike incident followed my client last week to Woodstock and was present when he appeared in court last week,” said Hendricks, who is also Colin’s lawyer.

This after Modack’s lawyer, Advocate Edwin Grobler, stated that police were endangering his client.

Alleged underworld kingpin Nafiz Modack at the Cape Town Regional Court. Picture: Noor Slamdien/African News Agency (ANA)

“Police take away the bodyguards who are paid to protect my client and check their firearms licences and this leaves my client unguarded," he says.

“Taking into consideration what happened at the Soneike Mall, the timing of police is a little odd considering police were the ones who let out earlier this year that there was a bounty on my client’s head."

He also claimed the investigating officer, Colonel Charl Kinnear, was “leaking” information about his client’s whereabouts.

As part of their bail conditions, the suspects have to report to Kinnear if they want to leave the Western Cape.

“We have information and evidence that Kinnear is communicating my client’s whereabouts to private individuals,” Grobler stated.

Colonel Charl Kinnear Picture: Noor Slamdien/African News Agency (ANA)

“Private individuals, even in Johannesburg, know his whereabouts and this is a concern.”

Modack, Booysen, Ashley Fields, 44, Jacques Cronjé, 47, and Carl Lakay, 44, face six charges, including rendering a security service while not registered as a service provider.

In addition, Lakay is charged with the acquisition, possession or use of the proceeds of unlawful activities.

Modack faces additional charges of the prohibited inception of communication and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

The matter has been postponed to 12 November for trial.

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