Georgina Stoffels, 63
Cape Town - The pensioner from Valhalla Park, who was being eaten by maggots in her bed, has been taken to hospital after the Department of Social Development stepped in.

A family member confirmed officials and an ambulance arrived at the house on Thursday morning and were shocked at the sight of the disabled grandmother lying helplessly, parts of her body maggot-riddled.

Georgina Stoffels, 63, from Hester Street, is left alone for hours at a time while her husband, George Stoffels, 70, goes out to work at his casual job.

George admitted locking his wife because he was afraid their neighbours would rob them.

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Relatives say Georgina only gets a bath from home-based carers if they arrive before George leaves in the morning, while one neighbour said she lets her son climb through a window to give the old lady food.

The Daily Voice brought the matter to the attention of the Department of Social Development on Wednesday, and spokesperson for MEC Albert Fritz, Sihle Ngobese, promised immediate action.

An angry Ngobese says: “I have a low tolerance for any sort of physical or emotional abuse of the elderly. Social workers were immediately sent out and intervened. The pensioner will now be moved to a medical facility where she will receive medical treatment she clearly needs and a place of residence for her will be provided. An investigation is underway into the actions of her husband and his neglect and/or abuse.”

Georgina will in the meantime stay with her sister in Mitchells Plain.

A relative said all the maggots have been removed from the ouma’s body.

“She looks so much better and after being discharged from hospital, she is living with her sister. She even laughs a little now.”