Beeka buried in grand style

Doves are released as Cyril Beeka's coffin is lowered into the ground at Plumstead Cemetery. Picture: Leon Muller

Doves are released as Cyril Beeka's coffin is lowered into the ground at Plumstead Cemetery. Picture: Leon Muller

Published Apr 3, 2011


The “who’s who” of the country’s underworld, as well as Umkhonto we Sizwe veterans, rugby players, family and ordinary people packed an Ottery church to bid farewell to Cyril Beeka yesterday.

The funeral was marked by bouncers in sharp suits and walkie-talkies, white doves, and a Russian mistress in killer heels who brandished Beeka’s baby son.

The former strip club bouncer-turned-businessman’s funeral was held at the Good Hope Christian Centre.

Beeka died in his BMW in a hail of bullets on Monday March 21 in what the police believe was a professional hit carried out by two men on a motorbike in Bellville South. Beeka’s driver was wounded but not killed.

Hundreds of mourners packed the centre, including big, brawny men in black suits, some with pony tails, others in leather jackets, mafia-style hats and gold chains.

A group of Hells Angels walked into the church carrying a wreath of roses.

The officiating minister Reverend Neville McDonald said: “I’m glad to have so many people in this building who would be rejected by man but not by God.”

Journalists had to register and were issued with ID wrist bands before being admitted to the church. They were ushered through a side door near the front to an area where seats had been reserved for the media.

During the viewing of the body, songs such as Frank Sinatra’s My Way and Sarah McLachlan’s In The Arms of an Angel blared through the speakers as photographs of Beeka’s life were shown on large screens around the centre.

Some of the familiar faces present, who have also received media attention, included alleged Americans gang boss Igshaan Davids and alleged Sexy Boys gang leader Jerome Booysen.

Other mourners included former Springbok rugby players Percy Montgomery and James (Bullet) Dalton.

There was tight security at the venue. The police were present and guards with hand-held metal detectors scanned everyone who entered the centre’s grounds.

Inside the building, burly bouncers in suits with radio earphones plugged into their ears patrolled the area.

Beeka’s family and close friends paid tribute, describing him as a man who was “larger than life”, who loved the finer things, such as good whisky and cigars, and a warrior who was loyal and fiercely protective of his loved ones.

They described him as an animal lover who had 70 dogs, five horses, snakes and 12 birds, including a parrot who would cheekily peck anyone who came too close to Beeka.

His nephew, Justin Beeka, flanked by Beeka’s daughters, Megan and Laura, said there had been negative reports in the media, but they did not decribe the uncle he knew, who was “loving and caring, and everyone should remember him this way”.

When Beeka’s friends, Frank and Peter Brandon, delivered their tribute, they were accompanied by a woman in a tight black dress and killer black heels, carrying a baby.

After their tribute, the woman, who was introduced only as Natalia, and who had a strong Russian accent, held up the baby and said it was her and Beeka’s 11-month-old son, Timor.

“Cyril had lots of dreams for his son. Your dreams will be fulfilled. He will be a man you can be proud of. I see Cyril in Timor’s eyes.”

She then told Beeka’s mother she was proud that her son would continue his bloodline.

During his note of thanks, Beeka’s brother, Edward, said: “To the perpetrator who turned on my brother, we forgive you. We don’t seek revenge.”

At the burial at the Plumstead Cemetery, veteran members of the ANC guerrilla army Umkhonto we Sizwe performed a flag ceremony on the coffin, afterwards handing the MK flag to Beeka’s wife, Sonia, as a bugler played The Last Post.

As the coffin was lowered a flock of doves was released.

Beeka has three daughters, one by his first wife Debbi and two by his wife Sonia, as well as his son, Timor. - Sunday Argus

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