Christians in Cape Town have petitioned to change the name of Devils Peak to something less demonic. File picture: Jim McLagan

Cape Town - Speak of the devil and he shall come, and the devil has been in Cape Town for longer than anyone can remember.

Christians in Cape Town have petitioned the Western Cape Provincial Geological Naming Committee to change the name of Devil’s Peak to something less demonic.

“To us the name is far more offensive than the other offensive names of roads, airports (and) dams which have been changed,” City advocate and Dove’s Peak for Unity member Murray Bridgman said.

The group has come up with options for the famous mountain.

First is the similar but significantly less imposing “Duiwekop” or “Dove’s Peak.” They have also suggested “Windberg”. Both names have been used at other points in the mountain’s history.

Reverend Barry Isaacs first applied to have the name changed in 2012. The group now waits for all “interested and affected parties” to comment before the naming committee can review it.

“The name Devil’s Peak is an insult to Cape Town,” Isaacs says in the application. “The majestic mountain… should have a better name.”

Devil’s Peak gets its name from the story of Van Hunks, a hunter who was challenged to a smoking contest by the Devil.

“In the old story… as told by Ian Colvin in his book around 1900, people at that time complained about the offensive name,” Bridgman said.

It’s said that the clouds that gather at the peak come from their smoke.

“The name of the mountain not only honours the Devil, it is also a monument of corruption,” the application reads. Other historical names that the peak has been called before include “Sugar Loaf”.

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