Yusuf Sedick Photo: Supplied
Yusuf Sedick Photo: Supplied

Biker, 24, killed by alleged drunk driver, 'body moved to tree before four flee'

By Genevieve Serra/Daily Voice Time of article published Jun 3, 2020

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A young biker has allegedly been killed by a drunk driver on the day the lockdown ban on alcohol sales was lifted.

Yusuf Sedick, 24, was struck by a white VW Golf in Crawford on Monday night and, in a shocking twist, CCTV footage allegedly shows at least four occupants of the vehicle moving him to a nearby tree after the crash before fleeing.

According to Yusuf’s grieving dad, Ashraf Sedick, a man driving the same car returned to the scene in Belgravia Road, and someone recognised the car and followed him.

The driver was apparently stopped, and photos were taken of the car – and the liquor found inside the vehicle – which were shared on Facebook.

The booze included a case of Black Label beer and ciders.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said yesterday a case of culpable homicide is under investigation and that no arrests had been made yet.

Ashraf says the footage has been handed over to police and the family wants an autopsy to be done, to determine whether Yusuf could have survived the crash had he been taken to hospital in time.

On Monday just after 10pm, Yusuf was on his way home from his workplace at Sonnendal Dairies in Athlone when he was struck off his motorbike, a black Honda CDR.

“The person who found him lying under the tree took his cellphone and called the last person he had contacted on his phone. It was a relative and I was called to the scene,” says Ashraf.

“The paramedics were trying to resuscitate him.”

The dad says a resident of Belgravia Road came forward with the shocking CCTV footage.

“After the accident had happened, the person responsible took him and dragged him underneath a tree and left him there.

“There is video footage of this, you can see them moving someone to the tree. When an accident happens, you are not supposed to move that person.

“That is why I am asking for an autopsy because I want to know if my son could have survived if he had not been moved.”

Ashraf says he was shocked by the images showing alcohol in the Golf that allegedly killed his son.

“The car was flooded with alcohol. I am not saying that the ban should not have been lifted, but when you drink, you need to be responsible.

“How can you get behind the wheel of a car and you are drinking?”

He says his son had been a keen biker since he was 16.

He says Yusuf was a wild and daring young man, but had calmed down in recent months after kicking his drug habit.

As a result, he bought the motorbike for his son.

“Yusuf was on drugs and last October he was sent to rehab. In December, he completed it and came home.

“He became stable got a job, a girlfriend and was talking about marriage,” the hartseer dad adds.

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