SEXTORTION: ‘Karlien’s’ starting with her threats
Cape Town - A Milnerton man says a blackmailer is trying to extort money from him by threatening to post pictures of his penis on social media.

The man, 40, who asked not to be named, says he was shocked when a “friendly” chat with a woman, who calls herself “Vannesa Karlien”, turned sour when she threatened him.

The coloured man, who is in a relationship, says he got Karlien’s number from a dating website and they started exchanging hot and heavy text messages.

The woman told him she was 27 years old and living in Johannesburg.

“She said she worked for Vodacom and asked me if I am naughty and I said yes. But I was just messing around, I didn’t think it would be this serious,” the man claims.

In the text messages, Karlien questions him about his sex life and what his favourite positions are, to which he replies “69”.

She then asks him what size his penis is and when he tells her “12 inches” (30cm), she immediately requests a picture.

“I sent her the picture of my privates and then she asked me for a full naked photo, but I didn’t send that,” he says.

A Milnerton man was sent fake newspaper articles featuring naked white men

“Then one day she asked me for money, and when I said I don’t have, she demanded R5000 or she would post the pictures of my privates on Facebook and in newspapers.”

The Daily Voice was shown screenshots of the conversations.

Her one message reads: “I see you are f***ing me around, am going to post your pictures on your Facebook page and inbox your family members and Youtube or else pay me and I will stop this. Pay me R5 000 and I will leave you alone. (sic)”

She also asks him to show her his bank balance to prove he does not have money.

The man says when he started ignoring her, she tried to intimidate him by sending him fake local newspaper articles, showing naked white men being “exposed” in the media.

“I went to the police station, but they just told me to ignore her and they did not open a case,” he says.

Now he says he is fed up of Karlien and wants to expose her as others may fall victim to her scam.

Police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, says while it is illegal to extort money from someone, it is also illegal to distribute pornographic material.

“The Milnerton man you are referring to is entitled to lodge an official complaint with police so that the matter can be investigated,” he says.

“The best and safest way to avoid these types of scams is to refrain from sending nude photographs to strangers.”

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