The incident took place at Lansport Road, Hanover Park
Cape Town - A Manenberg boy is recovering in hospital after being shot in a gunfight between rival gangs in Hanover Park over the weekend.

Relatives of 13-year-old Lucan Rhode say he was visiting his family in Hanover Park for the weekend and was walking to the shop on Saturday night when the shooting started.

According to a resident, who asked not to be named, the area has been gripped by gang violence over the past two weeks as members of the Americans, Ghetto Kidz, Laughing Boys and Mongrels wage war on each other.

The resident says shortly before the shooting started in Lansport Road, members of the Americans gang were seen in Porath Walk.

“Hulle het een laaitie vasgevat en toe sê hy: ‘Ek is nie ’n gangster nie’. ("They took one youngster and he told them: 'I am not a gangster.'")They left him and went to go shoot at the Laughing Boys en daai kind is raak geskiet ("and that boy was shot"),” he said.

Lucan’s relatives say he walked to the shop and on his way back home, he realised he had been given the wrong change.

“He went back to the shop and passed those guys (Laughing Boys) when the other guys started shooting. He was hit in the back and the bullet stayed in his stomach,” they said.

The teen was rushed to the Heideveld Community Health Centre and then moved to Groote Schuur Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet on Sunday.

Captain FC van Wyk has confirmed that an investigation into Logan's shooting is underway.
Captain FC van Wyk has confirmed that an investigation into Lucan's shooting is underway.

Captain FC van Wyk says the shooting happened at 9pm and the circumstances are under investigation.

“The victim was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. An attempted murder case was registered for investigation. The attackers and motive are unknown at this stage.”

According to a police source, the shooting of Lucan resulted in a retaliation shooting by members of the Laughing Boys gang who opened fire on members of the Americans gang.

This resulted in the arrest of one of the Laughing Boys in Lomond Court, who was chased by Philippi police and Metro Police.

He was found in possession of a stolen gun and ammunition.

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