Constable Allistair Abrahams visits the injured Taxify driver in hospital. Photo: Daily Voice.

Cape Town - An off-duty Cape Flats cop has been hailed a hero after he jumped into action when a cab driver came under attack by two suspects in Uitsig on Sunday.

The 47-year-old Taxify driver, who asked not to be named, says Constable Allistair Abrahams along with a female neighbour appeared “like guardian angels” as he was left bleeding in the street.

The father-of-three from Belhar says the incident happened shortly after 11am on Sunday as he made his second trip for the day.


“I was at the Parow Centre and I just dropped someone and I got another trip,” he explains.

“I picked it up and two coloured men got in the car and I had to drop them in Luptine Street.

“They didn’t say anything the whole way, only when we got there I ended the trip to get the amount and told them it’s R40.”

The driver says one of the men reached into his pocket and took out a knife and stabbed him in the chest.

“He stabbed me twice and I opened the door and wanted to get away, but then the other one came and tried to stab me on the other side, and he cut my hand.”

The suspects stole R50 and a Samsung cellphone and left the driver bleeding in the street.

“They took the keys of my Toyota Corolla and threw it somewhere but didn’t take the car,” he adds.

“I ran for help and found a lady who helped me with the bleeding, and then this police officer came. They were like guardian angels.”

The 'hero' officer Allistair Abrahams. Photo: Daily Voice.

Abrahams, who works at the Cape High Court, says he was sick with the flu and had taken tablets to sleep.

“I wasn’t feeling lekker (well) but my wife came in and said they attacked a driver and I jumped up,” the constable explains.

“He was bleeding a lot and there was a neighbour helping him.

“I took him to Ravensmead SAPS and the ambulance arrived to help him.

“I asked if they couldn’t send a van to safeguard his car, but they said there were no vans.

“So I asked him for his address and went to his house and got the spare key and pulled his car into my garage for safekeeping.”


The driver was taken to Elsies River Day Hospital where he doctors told him the knives did not puncture any organs.

“I was lucky and very grateful to the police officer for all he did for me. That car is my livelihood and I have to drive to feed my family,” he says.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant George Mjiwu, confirms the incident and says police are now investigating a case of robbery and assault with the intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

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