A Manenberg mom for allegedly attempted to murder her two-year-old child on Sunday by flinging her over a stormwater canal.

Cape Town - A Manenberg mom was to appear in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court on Thursday morning for allegedly attempting to murder her two-year-old child on Sunday by flinging her over a stormwater canal.
A brave neighbour rescued the crying little girl after witnessing her parents allegedly abusing her during a heated argument.

The neighbour, who asked not to be named, says the incident has traumatised the community, who is glad the mother is behind bars as there have been repeated complaints of the child being beaten with shoes and other objects.

“It was just after 7am and the parents were arguing outside the house. I saw them skelling and she [the mother] told the father she doesn’t want the child because he was leaving her,” says the female resident.

“She walked across Silverstream Road towards Tambo Village to follow him and they were shouting. She threw the child at him over the canal and the baby landed on the other side.”

The neighbour says the father picked the toddler up and handed her back to the mother who again proceeded to throw the child.

“I ran over and jumped in and grabbed the child. The child could have drowned in that water, but I got her in time and only her feet were wet.

“The child was traumatised and was screaming and crying. The police came and took her away and the father disappeared.

“Two weeks ago she also carried the child across the canal and abandoned her there after they argued and one of the mummies in Tambo [Village] found the child and came to us.

“Whenever they argue, she beats that child with shoes and other stuff.”

Manenberg Police Station commander, Brigadier Enolium Josephs, confirms the incident and says the woman has been charged with child abuse and attempted murder.

“The 22-year-old old mother was arrested for trying to drown her two-year-old daughter. It is alleged that she took the child to the Silverstream dam where she attempted to drown her daughter,” says Josephs.

“Residents saw what was happening and rescued the little girl. The mother was arrested and the girl was placed at an emergency home.

“The mother was arrested for attempted murder and will appear in court soon.”

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