APOLOGY: Xanthea Limberg
APOLOGY: Xanthea Limberg

Cape pensioner refuses to pay 'crazy' R1.8m water bill

By Robin Lee Francke Time of article published Oct 25, 2018

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Cape Town - A Kuils River pensioner is up in arms after receiving a whopping R1.8 million water bill from the City of Cape Town.

But the 62-year-old man says he refuses to pay the “crazy” account he received in August and wants the City to sort it out as there is no way he could have racked up such a moerse bill.

Jonathan Isaacs, 62, from Sunbird Park says when he received the exorbitant bill of R1 824 868, he thought he was going to have a heart attack.

“I went to the rent office to get my bill as I saw it was late. I got to the counter and the guy at the counter told me the amount,” he says.

“I told him he must be joking and he said no. I immediately started stressing. I am a pensioner. How could I pay that?”

Jonathan says his water bill is usually between R300 and R400 a month, and blames the new water meter.

“I have been from pillar to post trying to find out what has gone wrong. It has to be this blue water meter.”

He is now refusing to pay the outstanding amount as there is no way he could afford it.

“I moved to Bellville to look after my sickly mother who passed on recently,” he says.

“My brother, his wife and two children are in the house and yet they are only home after 6pm daily.

“I refuse to pay this. I know I am not in arrears. My accounts are up to date and I have never failed to pay any accounts.

“I am not in a position to settle this balance, therefore I will not be settling the bill.

“This is not a fair or accurate display of the water usage,” an adamant Jonathan says.

Following a Daily Voice enquiry, Mayoral Committee Member for Water Xanthea Limberg said on Wednesday the claims were investigated and the water meter was found to be faulty.

“The reason for the high account was a faulty meter. The customer previously applied for the meter to be tested, and the meter failed the test.

“The City is arranging for the account to be adjusted for the affected period. The City apologises for any distress caused,” Limberg added.

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