Video footage of the assault showing two girls assaulting a third girl.
Cape Town - A 17-year-old schoolgirl has been hospitalised after she was viciously attacked by a gang of girls in Bonteheuwel this week.

According to Ward councillor Angus McKenzie, the girl has been hospitalised following the brutal attack in which she was beaten and kicked in the face last Friday.

“Apparently the fight was over a boy. The girl (who was assaulted) is dating a boy who was dating one of the girls that was fighting with her. The girl has apparently been hospitalised,” McKenzie says.

Police confirms a case of common assault has been opened for investigation.

In the 57-second video, two older girls, one dressed in a denim jumpsuit, the other wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans, are seen hitting and kicking another girl dressed in black and white.

They are surrounded by a crowd of people, and a woman can be heard egging them on, shouting, “vedala haar” ("beat her up), while laughing loudly.

A woman in a purple gown yells, “Julle kan haar mos nie aanpak nie,” ("You can't gang up against her") and someone replies, “ons pak nie vir haar aan nie” ("we are not ganging up against her"). 

A third girl, dressed in a black Nike jacket, blue jeans and black beanie, tells the girl: “Soek jou vriende.” ("Look for your friends")

One girl then stomps on her back, and the two viciously start beating her up again, punching and kicking her in the face.

A girl says: “Sy gat in haar * *** raak hier”, while the man making the video screams “siesa” repeatedly.

Two older women intervene and the girl breaks lose and runs around the corner while being chased by several of her attackers, and the video ends.

A resident, who asked not to be identified, says the attackers are known troublemakers: “They’re terrible, they terrorise a lot of young females in the area.

“We had an incident with one of those girls last year and before we knew it, the boys in our family were targeted by their family members who belong to gangs.”

McKenzie says he will be engaging with both the police and Western Cape Education Department to address the issue.

“I am disgusted and dismayed at the actions of the females involved in this video,” he says.

“What is sad is that no one stood up for her and no one attempted to stop the fight.”

Police spokesman, Captain FC van Wyk, confirms: “Three teenagers, aged 20, 18 and 17 years old, were involved in a fight in Bitterblaar Avenue, Bonteheuwel on Friday, 18 January. A case of common assault was registered on Monday, 21 January.”

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