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File picture: Karen Sandison/ANA Pictures

Cape Town residents urged to be energy-wise to reduce load shedding impact

By ANA Reporter Time of article published Dec 2, 2018

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Cape Town - The City of Cape Town has urged residents to switch off energy-hungry appliances to reduce the impact of load shedding on Sunday.

"The city is able to generate additional energy because of its Steenbras Hydroelectric Power Scheme to support city supply customers, but if demand increases the city can only assist at stage one. Eskom is indicating that it is experiencing a system emergency. Be energy wise now," the city said in a statement.

On Saturday, stage two load shedding was avoided in city supply areas because customers reduced the demand on the network. This would help again on Sunday considering the announcement by Eskom of a system emergency, the city said.

Residents could start by switching off those appliances they did not need; delaying switching on lights and appliances until after the peak periods between 5pm and 9pm whenever possible; switching off pool pumps, geysers, and other large electrical equipment and never run both at the same time; and adjusting air conditioners to 23 degrees Celsius if they had to be used.

"Although a load shedding announcement is typically made with very short notice, simple interventions can mean the difference between keeping the lights on across the whole city and being shed as per the schedule. The city appeals to residents to use energy wisely and to be aware of what can be done to reduce the load on the grid," the city said.

Residents and businesses were encouraged to visit the city’s electricity saving page for a wealth of useful information to help reduce dependence on electricity, reduce the threat of load shedding, and to save money.

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