CRITICAL CONDITION: Aljondré Byers, 14, was shot on Saturday night
CRITICAL CONDITION: Aljondré Byers, 14, was shot on Saturday night

Cape Town teen fighting for his life after being hit in head in gang shootout

By Monique Duval Time of article published Sep 14, 2021

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A Leonsdale teen is fighting for his life at Tygerberg Hospital after he was struck in the head by a stray bullet during a gang shooting.

The heartbroken mother of 14-year old Aljondré Byers says she watched helplessly as he tried to talk while bleeding on the backseat of a car on Saturday night.

Althea, 33, says shortly after 7pm, the Grade 6 pupil at Elswood Primary School had gone to the shop with his friends when skollies opened fire on each other.

“I was at home and I heard skote and went to go look for him. But then they started shooting like mad so I ran back inside the house.

“That is when people came running and shouting that Aljondré was shot and I ran to 12th Avenue,” Althea says.

CRITICAL CONDITION: Aljondré Byers, 14, was shot on Saturday night. Picture supplied

On arrival, she found a man carrying the bleeding teen to the car and they rushed him to Elsies River Day Hospital.

“There was lots of blood and he was trying to talk but I kept telling him just to breathe in and breathe out because I was trying to keep him alive,” says Althea.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi confirms the shooting and says cops went to the hospital to find the young victim but were told he was in ICU.

“The 14-year-old boy sustained a gunshot wound to his head,” he says.

“The motive for the attack is unknown and the suspects are unknown. Elsies River Police are investigating a case of attempted murder.”

Althea says on Sunday she and Aljondré’s dad were called to the hospital as her son’s condition deteriorated.

PRAYING: Heartbroken mom Althea Byers, 33. Picture: Monique Duval

“They told me he was becoming weak and it did not look good. It was terrible to see my child with pipes and machines like that.

“I held his hand and spoke to him.

“At this stage the bullet is stuck in his head and the doctors said it’s too dangerous to operate as they need him to be stable.

“They said they need the swelling in his brain to subside first.”

SHOOTING: The teen was shot in 12th Avenue in Leonsdale. Picture supplied

Yesterday, concerned neighbours flocked to the family home to express their shock.

“People keep coming to pray with us and we are all praying that he recovers,” says Althea.

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