Mitchells Plain Town Centre bus terminus. Picture: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice

Cape Town - A 22-year-old Mitchells Plain woman was allegedly snatched by three men at Mitchells Plain Town Centre bus terminus and has no recollection of how she landed up in their car.

The young woman told her family one minute she was walking towards her bus, and the next she was in the back seat of a car, being undressed by a black man.

The alleged incident happened on Thursday at 6.45am.

According to police, the woman was bundled into an unknown vehicle at the terminus by three men and instructed to hand over her bag, which contained cash and a cellphone.

The suspects fled with her on Baden Powell Drive in the direction of Muizenberg.

The woman managed to escape the vehicle at traffic lights near the Strandfontein Pavilion, from where she was eventually rescued by a passing motorist.

Her mom says her daughter gets dropped in Town Centre every morning by her father, from where she catches a bus to the call centre job she started a month ago.

According to her mother, on Thursday morning her daughter went to a vendor at the terminus to buy a snack.

“She then walked towards her bus and woke up in the back seat of a car, being undressed by a black man,” the mother says.

“She was disorientated and afraid, but immediately started to fight as the men demanded the pin for her bank card. There were two other men in the front.

“The car stopped at a robot and she fought her way out. My child screamed for help and tried to pull over cars, but for more than 30 minutes, nobody would help,” says the upset mother.

The mom says a tow truck driver eventually stopped to help and called her on her cellphone at 9.45am.

“The guy who called me said he has my daughter in Strandfontein and that her clothes had been torn, I could hear her crying in the background,” she says.

And although she was beside herself with worry, she was just glad to hear her daughter’s voice, as this meant she was alive.

She rushed to Strandfontein SAPS where she found her daughter crying and in shock.

She says her daughter has no recollection of her abduction.

“Two hours of her life is gone. She cannot remember what happened to her. There are no visible signs of injury, she was not raped or anything, and she says the guys never approached her, so she has no idea how she ended up in that car.

“I requested they do a drug test, but they had no kits at the centre she was taken to.”

Police spokesman Lieut-Col. André Traut confirms a case of abduction is being investigated by Mitchells Plain police and that no arrests have been made yet.

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