Logan Hartnick with mom Merna and grandmother Diana Percent. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

Cape Town - Behind the bubbly laugh and infectious smile is a lot of pain for “Facebook Diva” Logan Hartnick.

On Monday, her mother revealed that Logan, who stands just over a metre tall in her socks, is actually 11 years old, and that she wasn’t expected to live beyond the age of three.

Since then, the little girl has been plagued by a number of illnesses, including a weak bladder.

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The Daily Voice visited Logan at her home in Macassar, where we met mom Merna Hartnick, 37, Logan’s three siblings aged 15, five and a one-month-old, as well as her grandmother Diana Percent, 53, and great-grandmother Charlotte Arendse, 76.

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The Grade 4 pupil had people on Facebook in stitches with her cute quips after she was apparently blamed for a fire at her house.

Merna reveals her daughter was hospitalised with TB Meningitis when she was just three years old.

Doctors had told the family to prepare for the worst, but the little girl miraculously started breathing on her own again, says Diana.

On Monday, Logan was sent home from her school, Oklahoma Street Primary, because she was in pain.

Outspoken 11-year-old Logan Hartnick from Macassar. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

The Daily Voice assisted the family by taking Logan to a doctor.

Granny Diana says her grandchild needs a proper medical examination.

“She was at Tygerberg hospital with TB Meningitis. She became blind at the house already. The doctors told us we need to prepare for the worst. She was in intensive care and then the pipes started moving on their own,” the granny explains.

The family has been struggling to make ends meet - Diana works at a fish shop and Merna receives a social grant for her four children.

Merna says she never blamed Logan for the fire that destroyed her cupboard, bed and her and Logan’s clothes.

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In fact, she’s very proud of her daughter, who’s been seen “by people as far as Saudi Arabia”, the mom says.

If you would like to assist Logan and her family, call Diana on 078 935 2311.

Here's how you can help Logan

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