File picture: Armand Hough /African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Law enforcement officials in Cape Town laid an early morning trap for a group of armed robbers who have been terrorising commuters in the Muizenberg area  on their way to work.

On Monday morning a group of City of Cape Town law enforcement officers posing as a taxi driver and his passengers drove around the area and at around 5.20 am their plan paid off when five suspects attempted to board the vehicle and rob its occupants.

"Numerous complaints were received of people being robbed in the early hours of the morning on their way to work. Officers then hatched a plan to drive around in the area posing as a taxi. Sure enough the five suspects eagerly took the bait and attempted to board the taxi with the intention to rob the passengers," City of Cape Town Law Enforcement Inspector Wayne Dyason said.

According to Dyason, one suspect pointed a firearm at the driver of the minibus while his four accomplices tried to gain access to the "taxi" via the sliding door. The suspects were promptly arrested by the wily law enforcement officers. 

Picture: City of Cape Town

Picture: City of Cape Town

The suspects, aged between 18 1and 29, were found in possession of knives and a gas gun. They will appear in the Muizenberg Magistrate's Court this week.