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Cape Town - A foreign man is begging police and authorities to help him after he lost a kidney and an eye after being shot twice during a 12-year period.
The Daily Voice spoke to Mohsan Ameen, 44, who is recovering at his home in Delft after he was shot during a robbery last month.

Eighteen years ago, Ameen fled Pakistan for South Africa in the hopes of a better life.

But life in Cape Town has been nothing but pain and misery for Ameen, who is now living without a right eye and a kidney.

Ameen, who is unable to work, is supported by his family and helps out at a local tuck shop.

He was shot in the eye and ear on July 16 while locking the premises of the shop in Afram Street, Leiden, Delft, when he was approached by four gunmen who opened fire on him and fled with two cellphones and cash.

“They shot me in the ear and right eye,” explains Ameen.

“The community and the police who were in the area scared them off; they took two cellphones and money.

“After I lost my kidney, I have been unable to work because I have constant hospital visits. I help out in the shop.”

Ameen was rushed to Tygerberg Hospital where he spent a month and his eye had to be removed.

He is expected to undergo reconstructive surgery soon.

“I am in a lot of pain, I was discharged from hospital two weeks ago, it is hard for me because I’ve lost a kidney and now an eye.”

Picture: Supplied

In 2005, Ameen was on the R300, Philippi, and was travelling with friends when cops ordered them to stop their vehicle.

But Ameen claims before police members got out of their vehicle, they opened fire.

Ameen, who was sitting on the backseat was shot in the back and the bullet struck his liver.

“I was rushed to Groote Schuur Hospital and was three months there and it took me a year to be on my feet,” he says.

He says he has hit rock bottom and there has been no justice.

He believes his nationality makes it hard because of discrimination.

“I still do not know why the police shot me,” he says.

“I do not know what happened with the case and there has been no justice with any of the cases because I am a foreigner.

“Now I have to live without an eye and a kidney.”

Captain FC van Wyk says the case of attempted murder in 2005 was withdrawn three years later: “This office can confirm that Philippi-East Case 194/02/2005, attempted murder, was withdrawn in Athlone Magistrates’ Court on November 11, 2008.”