The 32-year-old Monte Vista man was waiting outside his friend's house in Milnerton. Picture: Jack Lestrade/ANA

Cape Town - Police are investigating a charge of rape against their own after officers allegedly stripped and sexually assaulted a man in public.

The 32-year-old Monte Vista victim says his attackers didn’t even use rubber gloves when they forcefully put their fingers in his anus.

The man, who cannot be identified as he is an rape victim, is now too afraid to leave his house and says: “I’ve lost all faith in humanity.”

He says last Friday, he drove to his friend’s house in Sanddrift, Milnerton, and had to wait outside in his car for 30 minutes.

He moved to the back seat where he watched cartoons on his laptop while waiting.

He was then allegedly approached by two uniformed members of Milnerton SAPS, driving a police vehicle.

“It was before 8am and my friend was going to get a lift to the CBD with me,” he explains.

“I was sitting and watching cartoons, Bob’s Burgers to be exact.

“They got out of their van and aggressively accused me of suspicious behaviour, I don’t know why this looked suspicious.”

He claims the officers told him to remove his pants, and did “an extremely thorough body touch search”.

“They made me take off my underpants and the one was tugging at it to come off. At this time about 12 residents in the street came out of their houses and watched this scene.

“I felt so humiliated, they put me in the back of the bakkie, I was on my knees, pants down, the officer told me to bend over and kept putting his fingers in my anus while his partner was watching.

“They searched my genital area countless times They didn’t search anywhere else.”

He says what hurt even more was that a 17-year-old girl, who grew up in front of him, tried to intervene.

“The cops brushed her off and asked her if she also wants to see my private parts,” he adds.

The man says he went to town as planned because he had an important appointment to keep and then went to make a case at Milnerton SAPS.

His friend’s mother, Brenda Green, says she was shocked when she saw the commotion outside.

“I was in bed and I heard voices outside, I opened my blinds and I saw his privates exposed. I confronted the cops, but they were rude to me and told me to go get a job and leave them alone to do their job,” says Brenda.

The man’s mother, 51, says she wants justice for her son.

“My son had already suffered years of physical abuse while growing up which made him suicidal. This opens up old wounds for him. We decided to sue police for the damage caused, they must compensate him for what happened to him,” she says.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, confirmed a case of rape was opened.

“The case is currently under investigation by the Milnerton FCS.”