Anthony Dass wants R8 600 in car lease payments from Elsies River Councillor Jordaan. Picture: Daily Voice

Cape Town - An Elsies River man is calling on a ward councillor to pay back the money he owes in missed car payments, or face having his possessions removed from his home.

An angry Anthony Dass says despite taking Chris Jordaan, who is the councillor for Elsies River and the Subcouncil 4 chairperson, to the small claims court and obtaining a judgment against him, the DA politician has failed to pay back his money.

He says the drama around payments for the posh black BMW 525i started several months ago.

Dass says he purchased the vehicle in 2014 for R169 000 and it was financed by Absa bank.

But he could not afford to maintain the car, and he asked Jordaan if he would be interested in leasing it.

“Sy vrou het die kar kom ry en hy het gesê hy wil dit lease, (His wife drove the car and he said he wanted to lease it)” says Dass.

He says according to their lease agreement, Jordaan was to pay R4 300 each month, which covered the repayments.

He says Jordaan leased the car from January 2016 and paid faithfully until April this year, when he missed two payments.

Dass says he was contacted by the bank and then tried to contact the councillor.

But when he could not get any answers, he paid the outstanding money himself and went to fetch his BMW.

He then went to the small claims court in July to recover the missed payments from Jordaan and in August they both appeared in court.

“The commissioner listened to us, and went through the contract, and then decided that Jordaan was in the wrong and ordered him to pay me,” says Dass.

He says Jordaan agreed to pay the money back in four instalments but has failed to.

Dass now plans to approach the sheriff of the court to attach the councillor’s valuables so he can recover the money.

Jordaan, however, says he is the actual loser in the deal.

Chris Jordaan says he paid R43 980 on the car. Picture: Daily Voice

“I have paid R43 980 on that vehicle which I can prove - every single cent. I gave the vehicle back to him, so if I take him to the small claims court, he must (actually) pay me back,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“Every time someone is talking to me about this, it is bringing tears to my eyes, and I could have spent that money on my family.”

Jordaan claims Dass was going to lose the car and he was trying to help him.

“The bank was on the verge of taking the car away and he approached me and I said I am going to help him. I paid short (in April) and the next month I would have paid. That is my story,” the councillor said before ending the call.

But Dass says the councillor failed to meet the requirements of the lease and owes him R8 600.