The Voice SA winner, Craig Lucas Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - The Voice SA winner, Craig Lucas, says he has “sunk into a depression” after the Christmas gifts he bought for his family was stolen.

The Elsies River singer says the presents were stolen from the boot of his car on Tuesday, by people he believed followed him around.

Craig, 23, posted news of the robbery on Facebook: “Yesterday I went Christmas shopping. Spent the entire day at the mall. Bought all my family and friends nice presents because I could never afford to before. Someone got into my car’s boot and stole all of it. They left me a slip.”

A picture of his empty boot with a cash slip accompanied the post.

Speaking to the Daily Voice on Wednesday, Lucas explained that he went shopping at the V&A Waterfront on Tuesday, shortly after his car arrived from Joburg by train.

“I have gigs until the end of December in Cape Town and my car came on Tuesday via train. I then went shopping for my family,” he says.

Picture: Facebook

“I think they actually followed me all the way from the Waterfront to Bellville; that’s where things were stolen. I think they parked somewhere close and then jammed the thing [car] and as we were gone they pulled up and stole the items.”

In security footage, a green car pulls up next to Craig’s silver Impreza Subaru.

A man gets out of the green car, opens Craig’s rear passenger door, fiddles around and removes bags.

Lucas says he is very disappointed and is still considering whether to open a case or not.

“I am a little sad their gifts are gone, but very lucky that I didn’t get hurt. It could have been so much worse and they could have tried to hurt or hijack me,” Lucas adds.

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