Angus McKenzie
Angus McKenzie

CT councillor knocks down girl on a bike

By Saafia February And Megan Baadjies Time of article published Aug 16, 2016

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Cape Town - A well-known Democratic Alliance ward councillor has knocked a child down.

Councillor Angus McKenzie was leaving his council offices in Kiaat Way, Bonteheuwel, when he hit the little girl, who was riding on her bicycle in the street.

He claims the child knocked into his double cab bakkie as he turned into the street.

McKenzie says the six-year-old, whom he identified only as Nuraan, wasn’t “seriously injured”.

His blue Ford Ranger bakkie wasn’t damaged, although the number plate fell off.

The ward 50 councillor said: “As I was pulling out of the office, the girl was riding on her bike while she was accompanied by her sister. As the gate opened I heard her sister shout ‘get out of the way’’.

“As I pulled away she drove into the side of my car. I immediately stopped and got out of the car. I checked to see if she was OK then I called the whole world, police, emergency services, everyone.”

McKenzie says the girl, who remained conscious, told him her name and age.

“Fortunately nothing was broken,” he says. “Her knee and left shoulder were bruised but she had no fractures. Other than that she is doing OK.

“Today has been an extremely hard and emotional day but as a people we persevere. All Glory to God for her safety and ensuring she had no major injuries.

McKenzie says he killed his family dog in a similar accident at his home in Parow last week.

“My kids hate me,” he says. “I killed my dog last week as I was pulling into my driveway. It's been a week from hell.”

But resident Saadeka Wilson Frantz believes McKenzie is squarely to blame, asking on Facebook how he is going to explain the incident away. She McKenzie was arrogant.


Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed that the incident has been reported to police.

“We are investigating the incident. No arrests have been made.”

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