FACING UP TO IT: Patricia de Lille’s executive powers may be changed after a DA caucus meeting this week. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency(ANA)
Cape Town - Mayor Patricia de Lille’s executive powers could soon be a thing of the past - that’s if the DA caucus has their way this week.

A report before the council on Thursday will consider the executive powers and delegations of the mayor.

The changes were proposed by the DA in the interest of accountability, acting caucus leader JP Smith has previously said.

“Designated authorities are to be decided by a consensus of the mayco; if there is a lack of consensus, the requested authority must be escalated to the council.

“In the case of ceremonial duties of the executive mayor, the mayor shall conduct ceremonial duties as listed by the current (legislation),” the recommendation reads.

The mayoral committee also needs to be considered in respect of ceremonial duties, and a consensus is required before any decision can go ahead.

De Lille’s travelling is also to be curtailed and needs to be approved by a consensus of the mayoral committee.

“Consideration of the mayoral committee shall be on the basis of consensus; if there is a lack of consensus, the matter should be referred to the speaker, Dirk Smit, for allocation of civic and ceremonial duties.

“In such cases, the speaker (Smit) must submit a consolidated report of such decisions to the next council meeting for noting,” the report said.

Smit should also compile and present a consolidated report to the council.

The council is also to instruct the City manager, Lungelo Mbandazayo, to design business and logistical plans for the implementation of the recommendations.

Grant Haskin, ACDP councillor, said the DA’s City caucus is not the council, so cannot undermine the council’s authority.

“Cape Town’s mayor gets her authority and powers from two sources: national legislation and council. The DA cannot change this, so claiming mayor De Lille will be a ‘lame duck with only oversight powers’ is legally problematic.

“It cannot undo power and authority designated to the mayor by national legislation. The same goes for power and authority delegated to the mayor by council. The DA’s 66% majority cannot change this,” Haskin said.

“At the most, it can propose changes to council’s delegations If the DA prevents her from doing so, then it is not acting in the best interests of the ratepayers,” he said.

De Lille said some in the DA caucus were being disrespectful of the Western Cape High Court’s order that the status quo should remain.

There are two council meetings this week, one for the budget and other for City matters, to be held tomorrow and on Thursday respectively.

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