Cape Town 150612 Patricia De Lille during recording rehearsals as part of youth day . Youngsters against drugs. picture :Ghalieb Gamiet

Cape Town’s newest – and definitely most unlikely – rap star is none other than mayor Patricia de Lille.

In a studio in the city this week, De Lille was recording a catchy jingle that’s set to air across local radio stations from next week.

De Lille is getting in touch with her internal rapper for a good cause – to help beat drug and alcohol abuse.

De Lille revealed that she’d chosen to reach out to young people through rap music because it broke her heart every time she heard about a life being derailed by substance abuse.

The audio advertisement builds up to a significant policy statement De Lille plans to make on June 26, according to Sonia Galant, functional operations manager in the office of the deputy city manager.

“We’re commemorating the student uprisings of June 16, 1976, and are reflecting on the bravery of these young people who fought for all of us. I remember 1976 because I was part of it. We did not revolt so that young people can throw their lives away today,” De Lille said.

Rap, she explained, was a great way to communicate with young people.

“Rap music reaches the core of their being. That’s why I’m rapping a message of hope, as well as giving information about the city’s outpatient centres for the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse.

“We have to stand together against this onslaught against our children. I invite affected young people to make use of Cape Town’s free services.”

Cape Town has a 24-hour alcohol and drug helpline.

“Please,” urged De Lille, “call 0800 435-748 for help. One phone call can change your life.” - Weekend Argus