Fredie Blom, 116 Picture: Solly Lottering
Fredie Blom, 116 Picture: Solly Lottering

Delft's Fredie Blom, 116, up and about again after breathing scare

By Venecia Valentine Time of article published Jul 14, 2020

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Cape Town – The oldest man in Cape Town and possibly the world, Oom Fredie Blom, 116, from Delft, had a health scare when he was admitted to hospital for breathing problems.

His wife Janetta Blome, 86, says she thought she was losing her husband last Friday.

“He was very weak, I’ve never seen him like that,” says Janetta.

“He had trouble breathing on Monday and I called the ambulance, but he was stubborn and refused help.

“On Thursday, he was too weak and we had to get him medical care urgently, so he was at Delft Day Hospital. It was horrible because none of us could go in with him.

Fredie Blom’s wife Janetta, 86, from Delft. Picture: Solly Lottering

“Hours later, he was discharged with some tablets and the doctor told me it was simply his old age acting up,” says the relieved wife.

Janetta says she gives Oom Fredie her special home remedy, including Turlington drops, honey, cayenne pepper, hot water and lemon.

“We take it twice, in the morning and at night, my grandchildren also like it especially for the honey.”

Janetta says Oom Fredie has told her he was ready to die.

“Last week he told me he is ready for God to come to fetch him, I told him not to persist, God will take him when the time is right.”

Yesterday, Oom Fredie was up and about, seemingly unfazed about his health scare amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some days he doesn’t feel like talking, like today, he just ignores us and does his own thing,

“I had to ask him to move away from the bonfire because it might affect his chest,” says Janetta.

Oom Fredie survived the Spanish flu of 1918.

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