16 june 2014 Knysna Veterinary Clinic posted this picture of Gina the ridgeback who sustained serious injuries after her owner dragged her behind his sports car in Brenton-on-Lake last week

Cape Town - A Knysna man allegedly dragged his dog behind his sports car as a punishment, causing the young Ridgeback severe internal injuries last Thursday.

The Knysna-Plett Herald reported on Friday that the community of Brenton-on-Lake was “reeling with shock and disgust” after the cruel act of abuse by a well-known resident.

The man held the leash of his 1-year-old pet while driving his black sports car through the neighbourhood, in what was reportedly a “fit of sadistic anger after the dog had escaped from his property”.

The report said that three residents who witnessed the dog being dragged over a speed bump at high speed laid a charge against the owner with police.

Police spokesman Captain Malcolm Pojie did not respond to requests to confirm the charge.

The witnesses shouted at the driver to stop. He reportedly told them to “bugger off”.

When the car came to a stop, the witnesses surrounded it to stop the driver making off to abuse the dog further.

The dog, called Gina, was taken to the Knysna Veterinary Clinic where she was treated by Dr Mark Shortreed.

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