‘Dog whisperer’ barking up wrong tree

Camps Bay "Dog Whisperer" James Lech with his rottweiler. Photo: Jennifer Bruce

Camps Bay "Dog Whisperer" James Lech with his rottweiler. Photo: Jennifer Bruce

Published Jan 27, 2012


Camps Bay “Dog Whisperer” James Lech has been instructed to remove “misleading, untruthful and deceitful” information from his website linking him to the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) and the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL).

International animal behaviourist Cesar Millan, star of the National Geographic show The Dog Whisperer, has also distanced himself from the self-styled “dog shaman” Lech.

Earlier this month, Lech’s unleashed Rottweiler attacked two-year-old toddler Meeka Lackay at a Clifton beach. The toddler was bitten 11 times and had a chunk of flesh ripped from the back of her thigh.

The dog has been impounded by the City of Cape Town and is being kept at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Grassy Park.

Lech has been asked to remove claims that he is linked to both organisations.

His website lists him as a “consultant and speaker to the AACL” and a “guest speaker at SPCA fundraising and education events”.

NSPCA spokeswoman Christine Kuch said the claims were false.

“Both the Animal Anti-Cruelty League and the National Council of SPCAs afforded Mr Lech the opportunity to substantiate the statements, which he has been unable to do.

“We have approached him to substantiate it, and if he cannot, then to remove the information. We have circulated it to all SPCAs, and there is no link or endorsement of Lech.”

Meanwhile, the city’s law enforcement unit spokesman, Neil Arendse, said a decision has not been made on what will happen to the dog.

“We are currently sending Lech a letter and we will evaluate his reply. Our timeframe is two weeks to decide,” he said.

Arendse said that as the police had charged Lech with violating the Animal Protection Act, he would not be fined by the city.

The charges were laid by Meeka’s mother, Chanell Lackay.

On Thursday, Lech’s phone was answered by a friend, who said he would give his side of the story soon.

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