#DontLookAway when you hear someone verbally abusing another person, says Claudia Burger, Director of Activist Network Against the Exploitation of Children.

Slut-shaming, body-shaming, wolf-whistling and gay-shaming are just some of the verbal assaults that can do psychological damage.​

Cruel words cause harm, not just to the person the words are directed at, but also others who hear it, because they then think it is acceptable. 

It is not. 

No-one deserves to feel bad about themselves based on unkind words expressed by others. 

Burger's advice is to call it out. 

Check out her antidote for the non-physical abuse women and children are put through every day. 

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#DontLookAway: How trauma affects the brain

Show your support for Independent Media's #DontLookAway campaign by:

* Raising awareness by supporting the many initiatives that are being hosted in your communities during the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children.

* Painting your fingernail orange, wear orange, join the marches, take to social media. Just Don’t Look Away.

* Calling it out when you encounter behaviour that seeks to debase and dehumanise women.

* Getting involved in a local organisation that supports women and children victims. 

Use these 16 days to reflect on what we are doing wrong and how we may be, with our own silence or behaviour, empowering, protecting or enabling those who abuse our children and women.

* Examine new or alternative ways to raise our children, free of violence. Whatever you do ... Don’t Look Away.