Chef Martinette van Hansen. Picture: Supplied

Cape Towns - A newlywed couple is angry after a caterer allegedly ripped them off on their big day.

The couple from Pelican Park say their reception was ruined by a “top” wedding catering company, which they found on Facebook.

They say instead of a seafood dish, she served their 86 guests noodles with seafood sauce, while the main dishes were “dry chicken and raw meat”.

The couple, who do not want their surname published, also claim that the catering company, The Travelling Chef, scammed them out of R5 550 after she failed to return their breakage fee.

Meegan, 30, and her husband Roger, 40, say they want to warn others about chef Martinette van Hansen.

Newlyweds Roger and Meegan say they were ripped off. Picture: Supplied

The couple got married on 11 November last year, and the reception was held at Green Manor in Claremont.

“We were robbed, she asked for R12 000 deposit for the wedding that cost nearly R32 000,” says Roger.

“I paid her R20 000 cash. We also paid R5 550 for a refundable breakage fee which we have on contract, but on the day, Martinette changed the arrangement and we ended up losing the money because she changed the invoice after the wedding to what she wanted.”

Meegan took her complaints to Facebook and warned people about Van Hansen.

Picture: Supplied

She posted: “My wedding day would have been perfect if it wasn’t for Martinette The Traveling Chef and her pathetic means of business.”

Meegan says her guests complained about being served noodles with a seafood sauce instead of a seafood starter, as was promised.

But Van Hansen denies this and says she catered according to the couple’s order.

“It was a seafood hot pot which had absolutely no noodles, but a seafood mix. They might think that the crab sticks were noodles,” the chef says.

Meegan also says she was never given the chance to select a menu. And instead of a buffet, food was served in plates at the tables.

“The main course was horrible, hard dry chicken, raw meat and dry Greek salad without a dressing,” she claims.

The couple say when they asked for their breakage fee refund, they were presented with a new invoice - one with a R3000 fine for bringing alcohol onto the premises, and breaking two glasses.

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Van Hansen says her staff saw guests bringing foreign liquor to the table.

But the couple say there was a cash bar at the reception, provided by Van Hansen.

“She also couldn’t provide us with a copy of this fine,” says Meegan.

Martinette said she initially agreed to refund the couple, but changed her mind because Meegan “damaged her business” on social media.

The chef says she’s since been ignoring the couple’s calls after they “threatened” her in text messages.

In one message, Meegan allegedly said: “You can hide but i will find you. i used to think that non whites are dishonest but you are an embarrassment to the whites. (sic)”