Education department probes 'demon' game

By Daily Voice Reporter Time of article published Sep 3, 2015

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Cape Town - The Western Cape Education Department says it is investigating claims that children are playing a “demonic” game at school.

The Daily Voice on Wednesday reported that parents and pupils are freaking out over the supernatural game “Charlie Charlie”.

Principals from several primary and high schools have banned the game, saying any pupil caught playing it will be expelled.

The game is played with two pencils and a piece of paper on which “Yes” and “No” are written.

The spirit of Charlie is summoned and asked questions, and Charlie responds by moving the pencils.

The WCED’s spokesperson, Jessica Shelver, says they have been in contact with affected schools.

Shelver said: “We discourage any activity that vulnerable children may find psychologically disturbing.

“Our school psychologists and social workers will advise schools on dealing with the issue.”

Meanwhile, the principal of Blomvlei Primary School in Hanover Park insists the game is not being played at the school.

This after the Daily Voice photographed children wearing the school’s uniform playing Charlie Charlie off the school’s grounds.

Dawn Petersen says: “We don’t condone this game, this is not where the game originated.

“We are doing our best to ensure our children’s safety.”

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