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Wynberg - One of the men accused of poisoning and murdering an 82-year-old Ottery couple demanded to be released on bail in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Rugaya and Riedewaan Addinall were fed rat poison and then strangled to death, allegedly by Gcinile Litha Oscar Ngcobela, 29, who had been the family’s gardener for years, and his friend and co-accused, 20-year-old Lwazi Ntsibantsiba.

The elderly couple were killed in their home in Sandown Road on Sunday, 7 January.

Their son, Anwar, who is one of four children, became worried when his parents didn’t answer his calls.

“My cousin went around and knocked on their door, but received no response from them. He came to me and we both went there with a locksmith to get the door open,” he explained.

“I found my parents dead in their home. It looked like they had been strangled with something.”

In court on Monday, Magistrate Imran Rohde was told that no lawyer had yet accepted the mandate to represent Ntsibantsiba.

Attorney Kyle Jason indicated a conflict of interest was at play and said he would not be able to represent both the accused.

They face two charges of murder, as well as two counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances and attempted theft.

Members of the Addinall family were present in court as well as relatives of the accused.

The two men allegedly tried to make off with the couple’s Mercedes-Benz, a microwave and a television, but couldn’t get the car to start because it apparently did not have a battery.

Ngcobela’s fingerprints were also allegedly found on the vehicle and microwave.

Within a few days, police found the men in possession of the stolen items that included a remote control and car keys.

Rat poison was also allegedly found in their possession.

Ngcobela had harsh words with his attorney during proceedings and the magistrate asked the matter to stand down for 10 minutes while they discussed their issues.

It then transpired that Ngcobela had been upset because he could not commence with his bail application.

Ngcobela previously stated in court that he wanted to be released to go work because he had not paid rent or maintenance for his 11-year-old child in the Transkei.

He added that his home was not locked and his family did not know he was in custody.

Their case was postponed until 15 March.

Magistrate Imran Rohde told the men: “Both of you will remain in custody until then without bail.”

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