Cape Town-100329- E-TV Anchor man Lance Witten at the studio at Long Kloof Studios.Photo Melinda Stuurman Reporter Bianca

Cape Town - eNCA has suspended sports anchor Lance Witten over tweets relating to the Linkin Park concert tragedy in Cape Town on Wednesday night.

A woman died as a result of injuries sustained when a temporary scaffolding collapsed at the concert due to high winds.

Nineteen other people were injured with 12 requiring hospitalisation.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Witten tweeted: “Linkin Park is so badass, people are dying to see ’em.” ,

After a flurry of angry responses, he said: “Actually, if you feel you need to unfollow me because I made a joke people would've made tomorrow, be my guest. What happened was awful.

“A few months from now, Trevor Noah will use that tweet as a joke on stage.”

He later apologised, saying: “I’m sorry. It was in bad taste.”

However, eNews announced his suspension, saying: “Witten’s comments do not reflect the views or values of our company. An internal inquiry into Mr Witten’s comments will be conducted.

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the young woman who lost her life, and all those injured in the #LinkinPark incident.” - IOL