Abdurahmaan Petersen was fatally shot in Hanover Park while in the car with his wife. Picture: Leon Knipe

Cape Town - A man has been shot and killed on Eid while sitting in a car with his wife.

The white fez Abdurahmaan Petersen, 40, wore flew off his head as gunshots struck him in the head on Monday.

Abdurahmaan’s family suffered another blow on Tuesday when Salt River Mortuary would not release his body, apparently due to an ongoing strike.

Abdurahmaan had been with his wife, Nafiah, 40, in Turburg Walk, Hanover Park, and was about to leave in his mother’s Opel Corsa when a gunman opened fire.

“We were just about to leave when I heard a bang and the driver’s window shattering,” Nafiah explains.

“I shouted his name and when I looked at him, he was gone already."

“I jumped out of the car and ran to the driver’s side, and I saw the guy put the gun to my husband’s head and he kept shooting.”

She says the gunman ran off.

The couple was married for four years. Abdurahmaan had three children from a previous marriage.

His grieving mother, Bahia Petersen, 54, says her son spent the day with her celebrating Eid.

“He took me to Doringhoogte [cemetery in Johnson Road, Athlone] and he spent the afternoon with us,” she says.

“Thirty minutes before he died, he told me: ‘Mammie, ek is baie lief vir my vrou.’”(Mother, I love you very much.)

Bahia now only has one son left, after burying 18-year-old Rafiek 13 years ago.

She admits Abdurahmaan had been a gangster, but that he had left that life behind 14 years ago.

The mom says she doesn’t know why anyone would want to kill her son now.

“He was a good son, he was not a gangster,” she sobs.

On Tuesday, the family went to Salt River Mortuary twice to collect Abdurahmaan’s body, without success.

His sister Rushda Petersen says: “We were at the mortuary at 11:30 am to fetch his body when we were told the workers were on strike and that the body could not be released."

“We are Muslim and the body must be released for the janaazah (funeral).”

On Tuesday night, she confirmed her brother would be laid to rest on Wednesday.

“We were promised that the body would be released [today],” she said. “They said they will try their best.”

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, confirms a case of murder is being investigated, and that no arrests have been made.

Mark van der Heever, of Western Cape Health, said: “We have also prioritised to have the autopsy conducted as soon as possible and aim to release the body for burial tomorrow [on Thursday].”