The owner of this Elsies River house believes fireworks are to blame for the fire that gutted the residence. Picture: Daily Voice
Cape Town - An Elsies River man is calling for Guy Fawkes celebrations to be banned after his home burnt down due to firecrackers.

Eugene Bruce, 41, woke to flames inside his eight-bedroom home in Atlas Avenue, Salberau Estate on Sunday just after 1am.

Eugene, who works as an undertaker and shares the house with his cousin, believes fireworks caused the fire after he heard something being thrown onto his roof and the sound of firecrackers following.

He says his home was engulfed in flames “in a matter of minutes” and all of his furniture was destroyed.

“It was around 1am and I heard the people screaming and something thrown onto the roof,” he says.

“My brother owns a recycling company and there were two plastic bags outside which I believe caught alight. When I rushed out of my room, I just saw fire.”

Eugene ran to wake up his 26-year-old cousin who was still asleep upstairs.

“When we rushed outside we asked if the fire department had been called and the neighbours had called already,” he says.

“The fire spread so quickly that we lost everything.”

An emotional Eugene is now calling for Guy Fawkes to end: “I want Guy Fawkes to be banned, it burnt down my house.”

Theo Layne, City Fire and Rescue spokesperson says they responded at 1:30am. “A residential dwelling was destroyed. We cannot confirm if it was fireworks-related.”

If you would like to assist Eugene please call 072 1073459.