Adele Rhoda is homeless after being abandoned by her family. Picture: Jack Lestrade.
Cape Town - A helpless grandmother has been abandoned by her family and now sleeps on a mattress in another pensioner’s home.

Adele Rhode, 53, who uses a walking aid, was left homeless three months ago after a dispute with her family in Manenberg.

Now the maternal grandmother of one of her grandchildren is forced to look after her at her home in Pam Court, Manenberg.

The 61-year-old granny, who asked not to be identified, says Adele rocked up in front of their door in June, claiming her family wanted nothing to do with her.

The mother-of-three had complications after the birth of her twin sons more than 30 years ago which affected her ability to walk.

The 61-year-old woman explains her family have exhausted themselves financially looking after Adele.

They’ve tried contacting her family and even made enquiries to the City to see if she can get her own home. Adele has been on the City of Cape Town’s housing list for 26 years.

“Her son has a child with my daughter,” explains the woman.

“She came to visit in June and when the day was over she just stayed, later she said she had a fallout with her family and had nowhere to go,” she says.

“She’s been sleeping in my lounge since June and we have to see that she gets three meals a day including her medication."

“I called the daughter and she said she doesn’t have money and it seems they want nothing to do with their mother.”

The woman says Adele was supposed to get a house in 2015 but apparently forfeited the property after the City could not get hold of her.

“They said she has a house and I told them no, she doesn’t, and that there was no contact number on her paperwork,” the woman explains.

Adele also claims relatives abused her: “My mother is in her 80s and is still alive. My one son lives on the street and the others don’t have homes of their own. I don’t have anywhere to go to, there has been conflict with family who abuses me.”

The Daily Voice contacted Adele’s daughter but she refused to comment.

“We don’t want to have anything to do with her,” is all she would say.

Her son Shane however, who lives in Wellington, confirmed Adele’s claims of abuse by a relative.

The former drug addict said: “If my mom gets a house I will help her and stay with her but right now I can’t because I don’t have my own place.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, says: “According to our records, a letter was sent to the applicant Adele Rhode to attend a subsidy meeting on 22 October 2016 at the Druiwevlei Community Hall in Manenberg.

“There is no record of the applicant attending the meeting or completing the subsidy application forms.”

He said Adele was still on the City’s database and may be assisted in future.

He urged Adele to make sure the City has her correct contact details.