Anthea and Allistair Isaacs Picture: Venecia Valentine
Anthea and Allistair Isaacs Picture: Venecia Valentine

Father’s fury: ’Police doing nothing to find my daughter’s killer, make me main suspect’

By Venecia Valentine Time of article published Oct 9, 2020

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Cape Town – The father of a murdered Mitchells Plain girl says he is furious that SAPS ‘haven’t lifted a finger’ to find his daughter’s killer, instead treating him as the main suspect.

Allistair Isaacs, 45, is the dad of 17-year-old Carly Isaacs who was stabbed to death in her Westridge home on 15 March.

Allistair yesterday also revealed that his daughter had been raped before she was killed. He was the one who had found Carly’s body.

On that Sunday morning, the teen had gone to church with her mom and two sisters, but returned on her own at about 9.15am to change her clothes and collect her robe for the second service, where she would be performing altar duties.

Carly Isaacs Picture: Supplied

Allistair tells the Daily Voice he had been sleeping after completing a shift as a meter taxi driver.

“My children know that I work night shift and don’t wake me for anything, so she came into the room quietly looking for her robe.

“Carly probably left her robe on the table and went to the bathroom before leaving.

“Her robe was laid on the table and not chucked there, so whoever came in must have trapped her while she was coming out of the bathroom.

“I didn’t hear any noise, no falling or stumbling... nothing.”

He says Carly was probably stabbed as she came down the passage.

“I relive it every morning I walk down the passage, it’s a roleplay on a daily basis for the past six months now.

“My daughter was sexually assaulted, she was raped, we knew it since day one, but it was confirmed a few months later after an autopsy.”

The heartbroken father says he is being treated as the main suspect while police “are doing nothing to find the real killer”.

“On the day she was murdered, I was taken to SAPS for questioning and treated like I did it.

“I was taken for a buccal swab and that’s when I realised what was happening.

“I was told by a detective that the hierarchy in SAPS believes I am the person who killed and assaulted my daughter.

“Up until today, before DNA has been declared, I am suspect number one.”

Carly’s mother Anthea, 47, supports her husband.

“The detectives called me to ask if I think my husband could have done this. I said I stand behind my husband 100%, he would never hurt his kids,” Anthea says.

“You get sick people, but he isn’t one of them.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says they are still awaiting the results of DNA tests: “This office can confirm that a murder and rape case is being investigated by Mitchells Plain Serious and Violent Crimes unit.

“The necessary forensic exhibits have been collected and the investigator is waiting on the analysis reports to be finalised. Investigations continue.”

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