File picture: Independent Media

Cape Town - A pre-puberty girl, asleep on a bed in a backyard wendy house, was gang-raped by five men, it was alleged in a court in Cape Town.

For their own protection, neither the alleged victim nor any of the suspects may be identified, at this stage, and the accused men, aged between 18 and 21, were remanded to October 19, for medical testimony.

They appeared in the Parow Sexual Offences Court, before magistrate Mandy van Leefe on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Yolanda Pretorius led the testimony, in camera, of the victim, who told the court that that she was at a party at her boyfriend's home one night in December last year, and went to sleep in the wendy house as the main house was full of people.

There was an argument between some of the boys present, and she was awoken by accused 2 around 7am the next morning who pulled the blankets off her and asked where her boyfriend and his friends were.

She told them they went to the beach, but Accused number two said she is lying.

At that stage, two of the other accused held her hands and feet whilst Accused number 2 removed her clothing and raped her.

Two more accused entered, and each one of them raped her as well, she alleged.

Whilst accused 1 was raping her, the landlady entered the wendy house and those in the wendy house with the girl fled.

The landlady phoned the police. 

All five accused denied her version.

Accused 2 said she wanted to have sex with him, but he did not know she was underaged.

Accused 3 denied raping her and said that she and Accused 2 were flirting with each other and when they decided to have sex he went outside.

That's where he was when the landlady came entered the wendy house, he said. 

Accused 4 said he only went to the wendy house to fetch his bicycle that he had left there the previous night.

 Accused 5 said he merely accompanied Accused 4 to fetch the bicycle.