Rowan Smith was Dean of St George's Cathedral for more than a decade. Picture: Independent Media Archives

Cape Town - Rowan Smith, the former Dean of St George's Cathedral, has died after a long hospitalisation.

Smith, who had served as Dean for more than a decade before handing over the reins to Michael Weeder, suffered a cracked femur when he slipped while preparing for the Good Friday divine service at the cathedral.

He remained in hospital until his death earlier this week.

Smith had come out as gay while serving as Dean and enjoyed the full support of his congregation. He was respected as a deeply spiritual individual.

"He was an affirming person, a gentle person. His were big shoes to fill for a person following in his footsteps," Rev Weeder, Smith successor at the cathedral told the Cape Argus

According to Rev Weeder, an invitation has been extended to Smith's family to hold his funeral service at the cathedral, but as yet no final arrangements for his burial have been made.

* Read the full interview with Rev Weeder in the Cape Argus on Thursday.