Moegamat Sedick Davids, 29, is a member of the Ugly American's gang. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

Cape Town - A Cape Flats gangster has been sentenced to 23 years behind bars after admitting he shot and killed another gangster at the funeral of his fallen comrade.

Moegamat Sedick Davids, 29, a member of the Ugly Americans gang, said he murdered Jeremia Jordaan, a Hard Livings gangster, in February 2016, because Jordaan had killed his friend.

Davids, from Manenberg, was sentenced at the Cape High Court on Friday after a plea agreement with the State.

He faced eight charges ranging from aiding and abetting criminal gang activity, under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA), to murder and attempted murder, as well as four counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

He was found guilty of murder, for which he was sentenced to 18 years behind bars.

For the possession of a firearm, he was given seven years, and an additional three years for the possession of ammunition, which will run concurrently with the 18-year sentence.

He received a further five years in jail in terms of the POCA.

Hard Livings gangster, Jeremia Jordaan was killed by Moegamat Sedick Davids in Manenberg. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

Davids had been attending the funeral of Brandon “Breë Bors” Adams, also an Ugly American, on 20 February and had been in the motorcade following the hearse from Manenberg to Maitland Cemetery.

At the time, the Ugly Americans were in conflict with the Hard Livings in Manenberg.

Davids said he noticed Jordaan walking down Duinefontein Road in Manenberg and believing he had killed Adams, he decided to avenge his murder.

In front of many witnesses, Davids jumped out of the vehicle and left the funeral procession and ran after Jordaan.

He chased Jordaan to Marlon Street, where he opened fire with his unlicensed Norinco 9mm semi-automatic firearm, killing him.

Norinco 9mm Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

According to court documents, Davids, the father of an eight-year-old child, admitted to shooting “a defenseless” Jordaan in broad daylight.

Police spokesperson Sinathi Joni, says Davids’ plea and sentencing is a victory for detectives.

“The sentencing comes after the accused was found guilty on charges of murder, possession of firearm and possession of ammunition. He was also handed down five years imprisonment in terms of the POCA by the Western Cape High Court,” explained Joni.

“This day marks a victory in the fight against the most dangerous offenders who torment our communities and the hard work put in by our detectives is lauded by the provincial management of the SAPS Western Cape.”

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