Pastor Louis Pheiffer was robbed at home. Picture: Velani Ludidi
Pastor Louis Pheiffer was robbed at home. Picture: Velani Ludidi

Girl, 6, watches armed robbers storm into home during pastor father’s church meeting

By Velani Ludidi Time of article published Sep 14, 2020

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Cape Town – A Delft pastor says he was left traumatised after six thugs stormed his home while he was having a church meeting and robbed them at gunpoint.

Louis Pheiffer says he had a meeting with church members at his house in Delft on Saturday night and they decided to have a braai afterwards.

“It was after 11pm and the garage door was open,” he explains.

“They entered and one took his gun and pointed it at me, he asked for my belongings while others searched everyone inside.

“I am just assisting at the church in Rosendal since it is new and I am an experienced pastor.

“This robbery has shaken my family, my six-year-old girl saw everything.”

His wife Anna says the suspects first walked past the house, scoping it out before robbing them: “I saw them earlier walking past here and one was riding a bicycle.

“They greeted us yet all along they were planning to come to rob us.”

He says there were 22 people in the house, including a 32-year-old disabled man in a wheelchair who had a gun pointed at him and was searched.

He says the thugs took R1 000 of his money and more from the others, as well as five cellphones, a keyboard, speakers, microphone and cables.

Louis says the police were of no help as he couldn’t name the brands of the stolen items.

“They want brand names and said I cannot just say a keyboard was stolen,” the pastor says.

“I could not open a case because I do not know the brand names of the stolen items.

“The police are failing us because they patrol around the area and might see people selling the items, but it will be difficult to arrest them as they did not allow me to open a case.”

The pastor says he is unemployed and survives by selling clothes and toys: “We are 10 in the house and only my daughter is working.

“It will be difficult for me to pay for the stolen items as I do not have money.”

When the Daily Voice went to Delft SAPS to enquire about the case, officers could not explain why they would not open a case for the pastor.

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