Bolo the pit bull, which allegedly killed a girl in Calitzdorp. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town – A nine-year-old Calitzdorp girl lost her life when she was bitten by a pit bull. Chante Horsban died in Oudtshoorn Hospital after she sustained bite marks to her head. Bolo the pit bull had attacked her in Gamka Road on Saturday.

Police spokesperson Malcom Pojie said an inquest docket had been opened after the incident.

“It is alleged that she was sent by her mother to fetch a packet at the address (where the attack took place). The dog apparently broke loose from his chain in the yard and attacked the girl. The girl sustained several bite wounds to her head.

She was transported to the Oudtshoorn Hospital but she later died of her wounds,” said Pojie

Karoo Animal Protection Society’s (KAPS) Dee Hazell said the dog broke free from its chain and wire, and attacked the little girl, and killed her. She said KAPS inspectors, assisted by members of the police, were called to remove the dog and it was euthanised.

She said she regularly came across dogs tied by chains to pegs, posts, kennels and under vehicles.

Hazell said: “Municipal by-laws require all dog owners to secure their dogs within the confines of their property. It does not state how the dog be confined.

“Many dogs spend most of their lives chained up or even confined to cages. American pit bull terriers are a popular breed found in the townships in the Little Karoo. They are considered a status symbol, leading to illicit breeding, maiming and disfiguring, by cutting off their ears and are often used in covert dog fights.”

She added the continuous chaining or tethering eventually caused an emotional meltdown and manifested as aggression.

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