Heart FM’s Tyrone Paulsen and wife Carmen. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - Cape Town radio presenter Tyrone Paulsen and his wife were “left stranded” after they were robbed apparently by two burka-wearing women while on holiday in Turkey.

The popular Heart FM host’s wife, Carmen, was pickpocketed on a train in Istanbul on Monday.

The two had been having a nice getaway for Carmen’s birthday, but things turned sour and the two got a shock when Carmen was robbed by two old aunties wearing burkas.

According to their friend, SA television journalist Robin Adams, who lives and works in Istanbul, the couple were on a tram on their way to Eminonu and when Carmen noticed she was pickpocketed, they tried to catch the women but the tram doors were shut.

In a live video on Facebook, the couple laughed off their experience, asking people for money to pay their hotel bill.

Fortunately, their passports are safe.

Carmen said: “For the very first time in my life I was a victim of a crime. I was pickpocketed in Istanbul.”

Tyrone added: “The funny part of everything is, with Carmen being pickpocketed today on a train, you guys would not believe who actually pickpocketed Carmen today.”

Carmen responded: “It was two aunties, completely toegestiek (in burkas), on the train.

“They took my wallet and all my bank cards that I was going to (use to) pay the hotel with tomorrow.”

As Tyrone greeted his Facebook followers, inviting questions, Carmen shouted: “Send money!”

Tyrone told her: “Jarre, kan jy nie wag nie? Ek wil mos mooi vra (Can't you wait? I wanted to ask nicely),” and Carmen started to laugh.

“Ons kan nie eers 'n roll koop nie (We can't even buy a bread roll). Guys, so we bought stuff here neh, kwaai (nice) stuff. They are brand names. Original fakes. We will sell it back to you for double the price,” Tyrone joked.

Concerned Facebook followers then ask for their banking details to assist, but soon realised the couple was just making light of their situation and that they werent in a financial pickle.

Adams said the couple was set to return home ón Wednesday.

“When Tyrone called me and told me what happened, I felt so [email protected] (s**t). I couldn’t stop apologising,” Adams told the Daily Voice.

“I feel as the unofficial SA ambassador for Istanbul, I need to show all the mense from my original home town a good time.

“So I felt bad that happened to Tyrone and Carmen. But he took it in his stride, laughed it off as ‘part of the experience’ and said he really did have a great time here.

“Feels like he is gonna tell the pickpocket story for many braais to come.”

Daily Voice